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The Smith Street Band

The Smith Street Band - Don't Waste Your Anger (Vinyl)

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“Don’t Waste Your Anger” is the new album from The Smith Street Band. Recorded and mixed by bass player Fitzy, Don’t Waste Your Anger was recorded in the band's Bush House Studios in regional Victoria, which runs entirely off grid.

In the lead up to release, The Smith Street Band have announced the “In-Wils-House” tour which will see lead singer Wil Wagner performing short acoustic sets daily at 8.00pm AEST from Sunday April 12th to Friday April 17th via the band’s Facebook page. Each day of the tour will see Wil travel to a different room of the house and the live set will be accompanied by a live Q&A session with another band member.

“We have a new single out right now called ‘I Still Dream About You’. We’ve actually been playing this song live for 18 months or so, it was the first thing we wrote for this album. For years after quitting smoking I had a recurring dream where I would just roll and smoke a cigarette and I thought it was interesting that my body, or subconscious, was holding on to something I’d tried to quit. Thinking about that idea is what inspired this song!” - Wil Wagner

Track Listing

Side A
1. God Is Dead
2. Big Smoke
3. I Still Dream About You
4. Dirty Water
5. The End Of The World

Side B
1. Losing It
2. Profiteering
3. Its OK
4. Heaven Eleven
5. Dont Waste Your Anger

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