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Reduxer (LP)

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'REDUXER' is a set of 11 incredible reinterpretations of songs from alt-J's award winning third album 'RELAXER,' reimagined by a host of fans, friends and peers, including a globe-straddling cross-section of some of the world's most influential and prolific hip hop artists and producers.

Putting their own indelible vocals on the songs are, amongst others, Grammy-nominated US hip hop high flyer GoldLink, platinum-certified Parisian rapper Lomepal, Berlin powerhouse Kontra K, Dublin-born breakthrough rapper Rejjie Snow, Australian auteur Tuka, Puerto Rican rapper PJ Sin Suela and London's acclaimed Little Simz.

Track list:

1. 3WW (feat. Little Simz) [OTG Version]
2. In Cold Blood (feat. Pusha T) [Twin Shadow Version]
3. House of the Rising Sun (feat. Tuka) [Tuka Version]
4. Hit Me Like That Snare (Jimi Charles Moody Version)
5. Deadcrush (feat. Danny Brown) [Alchemist x Trooko Version]
6. Adeline (feat. Paigey Cakey and Hex) [ADP Version]
1. Last Year (feat. GoldLink) [Terrace Martin Version]
2. Pleader (feat. PJ Sin Suela) [Trooko Version]
3. 3WW (feat. Lomepal) [Lomepal Version]
4. In Cold Blood (feat. Kontra K) [Kontra K Version]
5. Hit Me Like That Snare (feat. Rejjie Snow) [Rejjie Snow Version]

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