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Palaces (Vinyl)

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Flume kicks off a new cycle with his highly anticipated third album, Palaces.

The 13-track LP shows off his ability to expertly push the boundaries of a sound he helped define, while delivering songs that are still undeniably “Flume.” Flume is an artist that has remained uncompromising in his vision and artistry since the beginning, and Palaces is no exception.

Featuring a diverse range of artists from rising stars like Caroline Polachek, to established tastemakers like Damon Albarn, this album spans across genres, igniting his fan base and taking him to new heights, creating the perfect launch pad for his upcoming world tour.


  1. Highest Building (feat. Oklou)
  2. Say Nothing (feat. MAY-A)
  3. DHLC
  4. ESCAPE (feat. KUCKA) with Quiet Bison
  5. I Cant Tell (feat. Laurel)
  6. Get U
  7. Jaspers Song
  8. Only Fans (feat. Virgen Maria)
  9. Hollow (feat. Emma Louise)
  10. Love Light
  11. Sirens (feat. Caroline Polacek)
  12. Go
  13. Palaces (feat. Damon Albarn)

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