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Revolver (180g Vinyl)

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180 gram vinyl remaster of this classic Beatles release!

Revolver is the seventh studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. Released on 5 August 1966, it was the Beatles' final recording project before their retirement as live performers and marked the group's most overt use of studio technology up to that time, building on the advances of their late 1965 release Rubber Soul. The album's diverse sounds include tape loops and backwards recordings on the psychedelic "Tomorrow Never Knows", a classical string octet on "Eleanor Rigby", and Indian-music backing on "Love You To".

1. Good Day Sunshine 
1. Taxman
2. And Your Bird Can Sing
2. Eleanor Rigby 
3. For No One 
3. I'M Only Sleeping 
4. Love You To
4. Doctor Robert 
5. Here, There And Everywhere 
5. I Want To Tell You 
6. Yellow Submarine
6. Got To Get You Into My Life
7. She Said She Said 
7. Tomorrow Never Knows

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