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Winterbourne "I like You Very Much" Shirt - White

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Since the dawn of time, human beings have used Words to communicate with each other. Now, thanks to Winterbourne, you can buy a t-shirt that displays an example of some of those Words. These are verified, authentic Words taken straight from their home in the English Language and imprisoned on the front of a comfortable shirt, where they will remain frozen in time until EITHER the Scythe of Malahal Malalabar is returned to the Brownish Kingdom of Beringeridangus; OR the shirt gets like, really old and faded.

Gildan Comfort Tee | WHITE 
* Digital Print 
* Regular Fit
* 207 G/SqM
* 100% Ring spun cotton
* Soft-washed garment-dyed fabric

** Digital prints can be susceptible to fading/colouration variance with harsh washings. Best to wash inside out, delicate washing with cold water, without the usage of harsh detergents.