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Afterglow (Vinyl)

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Icelandic phenomenon Asgeir releases his much anticipated second album 'Afterglow!'

The record is a follow up to 2012's chart-storming 'Dýrð í dauðaþögn' and its 2014 English language version 'In The Silence,' which was triple j Feature Album and peaked at #8 on the ARIA Album Chart.

'Afterglow' has all the confident hallmarks of an artist who's now at home with his status as one of music's most exciting new voices, ambitiously balancing icy electronic shades of Bon Iver, James Blake and Anohni with soul, R&B and even gospel influences from different eras and places.

Vinyl release includes mp3 download code

Track list:

1. Afterglow
2. Unbound
3. Stardust
4. Here Comes The Wave In
5. Underneath It
6. Nothing
7. I Know You Know
8. Dreaming
9. New Day
10. Fennir yfir
11. Hold

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