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The Sweet Enoughs

Marshmallow (Vinyl)

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Easy listening for the modern age The Sweet Enough's debut record was released in early 2020. Imagined as an exotica recording project created by Paul Bender the bassist and co-producer from three-time Grammy Nominated band Hiatus Kaiyote.  He collaborated with a host of friends with no intention behind the record than the joy of the process. Once first Covid lockdowns began he chose to release the album with local Melbourne label Wondercore Island. Over time 'Marshmallow' has become a word-of-mouth sensation. Earning fans in Tyler The Creator, Kenny Beats and accumulating over 20 million streams.

After much demand this limited first pressing of vinyl is made available for fans of premium relaxation music.

1. Dream Puppy
2. Shark Butt
3. Cabin Days
4. In Mind
5. Truman
6. Lena's Song
7. Mysterious River Snake
8. Cerberus
9. Weekend at Brian's

10. Marshmallow

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